Who’s Invited? Your whole family is invited to come learn about the Northridge approach to building men.  

Where and When?
  • October 21, 2018
  • 1:00pm to 4:00pm
  • 8320 Ballard Rd., Niles IL 60714
  • Questions? Contact Director of Admissions, Robert Rey '10 at

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Open House is the best way to learn how we build men of intellect and character who love God. We hope to see you there!


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Tour the Campus with Current Parents

With current parents as your tour guides, you'll get to know our community of dedicated parents and teachers and experience what it's like to be a Knight.







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Meet Our Faculty of Role Models

Northridge's all male faculty are attractive role models -- leading their students by example. They demonstrate strong character and generosity each day in the classroom. They are uniquely qualified to lead students through a demanding all-AP and all-Honors curriculum: they faced those challenges themselves. 50% of them attended a top 20 university.






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Varsity Athletics: "A Championship Tradition"

Northridge competes in the Independent School League against the Chicago area's largest high schools. And we do well. Since 2004, we've garnered nearly 50 varsity championships.   







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The Hall System

The student body is separated into four Halls that compete throughout the year. Points are accumulated through all-school "Hall Fests," Service Days, speech competitions, and other challenges. The winning prize? Bragging rights and a paintball trip. 







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Learn About the Advisory Program

In the Advisory Program, each student at Northridge receives a long-term mentor who meets with students monthly and develops a friendship with them -- guiding students towards better study habits, character development, and academic choices. Advisors are a direct link between school and home.










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